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My homemade bracket is flat and can be used on either side.

I don't know about the '70 Imp. 11.75"x1.25" one piece rotor. Is the Imp. caliper bracket made like the 11" chevelle/camaro/nova bracket, except that it has the holes moved out 3/8" so that it fits an 11.75" dia. rotor or is it different??

You said the Imp. brackets were symetrical. How so?? Because the stock A/F/X brackets are right and left I think because of the fold-over tabs that help line the calipers. I don't think these are needed, so aren't on my homemade brackets.

Also are the '70 Imp. spindles forged (with bolt on steering arms) and the same as ours or are they bigger and taller??

I was under the impression that the Imp. needed ta run bigger wheel bearings and seals because of its increased weight over the A/F/X cars.

Can you put the Imp rotor on your car to check its fit??? Man, I hope so!!!

We need ta look closely at this because if the '70 Imp. one piece 11.75" rotor will fit a A/F/X spindle, then all we would have ta do is fit a single piston caliper bracket.

David likes the 11.75"(12") x 1.25" thick rotors because (1), they can fit inside a 15" rim if the rim is made right and (2), they have more mass and therefore can take harder braking before becoming thermally overloaded, (so to say).

I'm not all that concerned with mass because I'm not gonna competition my car to the limit like David might. And the 13" rotor will require a little less squeeze due ta its larger diameter over the other two smaller rotors but it will be harder ta fit wheels to.

I can't resist it!! here it comes !!! As Rosanna-Rosanna Danna used ta say "it's always something"!!! At least I'm not from Jersey!!! LOL, LOL!!!

I hope you're old enough ta know who she was. pdq67

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