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Re: Headliner install write-up

Thanks to Chris and his great write up I tackled my headliner on my '70 today. There are a few differences on my 70 from the 68 Chris did so I thought I would share to help others ( as Chris did ). First of all the clips are different, there are 6 small and 6 large required. I purchased mine from OPG. My Chevelle did not have a "longitudinal" brace, only a side to side one. The large clips attach to this brace, and hold the middle headliner brace which is smaller in diameter than the others. It is also the only wire brace that does not fasten to the sides

This shows the large plastic clips which hold the wires for the dome light as well as the smaller center wire. There are two options to clip the small wire into.

The small clips hold 3 of the 4 larger wire braces at the ends. The second wire brace from the front does not use these clips. You will notice there is no recess in the body for that wire brace.

After inserting the rods into the headliner and trimming the cloth back as Chris mentioned, I started with the small center wire and clipped it into all 6 large plastic clips

Then I proceded to the rear and clipped the large bows into the holes. The small plastic clips need to be pushed down ( toward the floor ) to "lock them in place. The first pic shows them unlocked, the second locked.

The rest of the install went as Chris described, I used my propane heater to warm the fabric. It made a huge difference!!

I managed to get most of the wrinkles out before I cemented.

I hope these tips help others doing a 70-72 Chevelle. Many, Many thanks to Chris for his great write up!!!


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