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Re: vin code tag,previous owner search

Hi Dale,

Thanks for the info,you answered one of the questions has a 136 first portion of the vin it's a clone.Now as far as researching the previous owner's how can "I" do that is there a way so I don't bother other people with my problems but I do appreciate anything that can be done.
This car came from Las Vegas,the person I
bought it from lives in Malibu Calif. so God only knows where it came from and who owned it.It
is a "Race Car" 8 point cage,Dana 60 rear with 4 link,and it is really straight but I would like to find out who owned it mainly because the motor and trans that are in the car are not what it is supposed to be.

Thanks Dale for your help,
P.S. I am a member.....hahahaha a new one but still a member.
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