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Re: Ignition 101

Great collection of part #'s. I copied it and am putting in the compartment of my distributor machine.

When I tell people they need over 50 degrees advance, they think I'm nuts. I have seen advance specs up to 60 degrees.

Another part of ignitions that many overlook is proper alignment of the rotor and cap contacts when the spark fires. This can be checked by grinding a bunch of holes by the contacts in an old dist cap, and checking the alignment with a timing light. This is really important with CD ignition boxes, as fast rise time will allow sparks to jump to many more places than you think they would. Getting the spark in the right place sometimes necessitates modifying the vacuum canister rod. That's why I'm mentioning it here. When the contacts are properly aligned, everything just feels better.

Don't forget to clean those fingerprints off the cap and rotor. Does anybody still make non-e-gap rotors?

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