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BBC pulley sizes

I was just checking my pulleys on my 454, and they are from Classic camaro. The crank is 6-1/2" and the waterpump is 6" should the crank be larger to drive the waterpump faster to increase flow and cooling?

My 468 has 12.3-1 compression, AFR heads and a big soild roller. It made 708 HP on the dyno, and 622 TQ. The distributor is locked at 38 degrees timing,so it has 38 inital as well. The cooling is as follows a griffen 2 row 31x19 rad, new 16 LB rad cap 180 Robert shaw stat.and a GM shrowd. the fan is a Plastic 17" flexalite fan.

On warm days the car will run 200-210 sitting in traffic once i get it rolling in clean air, it drops down to 190. I was wondering if i need to increase the crank pulley size if that would help? Or is this just the way its going to be with this type of engine on the street.

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