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Re: 69 El Camino distributor upgrade

I find NO problem with a stock specification GM point coil, they are the ones that GM made work with just about everything. If MSD called them totally OK for their CD systems decades ago, I see no reason to doubt them, as I have seen NO contra reports about them. I have them on all my cars now, even stuff like my 1986 GMC Safari Van with 4.3 V6, factory EFI with feed back HEI, and factory 5 speed. Coil and module failures stopped after installing one of those coils, and the thing runs better than with the stock epoxy coil.

Alternator failures also stopped when I swapped a 12SI alternator in place of (name the stocker) alternators on cars I own. One even stopped the continuing Toyota alternator problems on my 1991 Toyota Camry V6.
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