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Re: Trick Flow Oil Can

Originally Posted by BillyGman View Post
Did you guys ever consider bonding the baffles to the inside roof of the valve cover? There are some pretty good industrial strength two part epoxy adhesives available that will easily hold up to 250 degree heat.

I might decide using a good 2 part epoxy adhesive to bond the baffles to the valve covers.

Not meaning to be critical of your idea, but just a little speculation here on my part: I wonder if having the PCV valve in the rear of the cover, (closest to the firewall I mean) that it would have more of a tendency to suck oil in during hard acceleration, (that's assuming that more of the oil gets slung toward the rear of the cover during hard acceleration. Especially while in first gear).

Oh, BTW, I like those valve covers. Who sells them, and what brand are they?
I started the pcv test with different valve covers, hole up front.

Those are cheap eBay valve covers, they were like $60.

I have epoxied baffles in other valve covers with good success.

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