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Re: Recovering '70 SS Bucket Seats


I own a trim shop and I am posting this to say that what others have posted is good information. I might add to take your time. Probably the most difficult part of putting seat covers on is locating the various screw holes and cutting certain areas of the cover for head rest holes etc. Use your trusty old feel in your fingertips and a pick.

As for new foam...some foam sets will not work for certain seat example would be a set of seat buns for a 69 Camaro. The only ones available are made for a Standard interior. If you want Deluxe covers the foam has to be modified because the listings on the covers are in different places. In cases like this you better come see one of us trim guys. Many of the old muscle cars also have cotton in them. This stuff can be obtained at an upholstery supply shop or you may buy man made filler at Wal Mart. This stuff helps to smooth out problem wrinkles as well. You basically just stuff it up in there till you got it looking right. Watch out and don't make it lumpy.

S springs should be replaced unless they are in real good do this you must have the small metal clamps that hold them together. Those are available at your local upholstery supply house. I generally clean all the metal up and spray a rust inhibitor available at automotive paint supply stores on them. Then I use bumper coater spray paint to paint the frames. Some people go as far as to have their seat frames powder coated but that is really not necessary unless you are building a show car.

And one final very very careful when removing your old seat covers because you may be one of the lucky ones who discovers a build sheet tucked under the covers. Sometimes on my personal stuff and my friend's cars I will place a business card under the new cover. I have always done this so as to have a 'secret' about the car that no one else knows about!

By the way hog ring pliers and hog rings should be purchased from an upholstery supply a pound of hogrings and you will be able to do two or three cars. They also have spring benders and s springs sold by the foot if you wish to make your own springs. I do that but only because I am a trim man. If you are a shadetree upholsterer I would tell you to get some extra old seats to scavenge parts from or just buy them from a resto catalog as working with springs is difficult, hard on the hands, and can be dangerous to the eye. They have a tendency to 'spring' at you just when you have your face close to them trying to get the right bend.

Good Luck gentlemen!
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