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Re: Turn Signal Light Issue

Originally Posted by Jim's69Ragtop View Post
Oman -

Sounds like a bad horn relay. If it was working, you should be able to hear the relay click on/off when you hit the horn button or apply 12v to the relay. You've demonstrated the horns work by bypassing the relay. If you can verify you're getting 12v to the horn relay when you press the horn button, then I think you've isolated the problem to the relay.

I think I have it isolated but I dont want to connect the horn wires to the relay until I am sure which wire goes to which terminal. on the realy. Does my test on the replacement relay sound like it is good?

BTW how are things in The Valley? Worked for H.P. for over 20 years and spent a lot of time out there. Always loved the climate and all the places you could go for recreation / hobbies. Actually had a job offer in Cupertino (where the Apple building now is) but the house prices made my head spin and made my wife's grip on the check book tighten up tremendously at the same time. It got to a point where the "old" (read that the REAL HP) gave up on expansions in the bay area because of the issues with salary / real estate and attracting people to the company. Now HP is just a ghost of what it once was...SAD SAD SAD.
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