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Re: Lights for On Ramp Entrance

Originally Posted by pnugene View Post
Merging seems to be a lost art in my state. It never fails, traffic will be clipping along at 70-75, and some idiot will attempt to merge at 45mph, and then get bent out of shape when traffic is suddenly on his/her bumper.
Originally Posted by Alwhite00 View Post
Seriously, this isn't hard to figure out. Why the hell would anyone need a friggin light?
Ah... but the vast masses out there have no comprehension of what they're actually doing or how their behavior translates to others. Just this morning --- farkin prius driver takes the ramp to the toll highway here in front of me (which moves at 70 --- or more!). Ramp goes down hill -- yet this idiot was still only at 40 MPH by the time she merged onto the #3 thru lane!! I wasn't about to be the one at risk being hit from behind, so I blew by her still on the ramp while blasting the horn at her and then pulled in -- going 70 before I hit the end of the ramp! And this is in my slow under powered worn out truck! By the time I reached the bottom of the hill about a 1/2 mile further, I looked back and could still see her piddling along still probably only doing 50-ish.

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