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Turn Signal Light Issue and Horn/Horn Relay

Any observations welcome on this probelm which I discovered today. The car is a 1972 but I gotta assume that 70 ->72 are all the same?

#1 Front left turn signal and left turn signal indicator in dash don't work.

#2 Rear left turn signal indicator light works as would be expected.

#3 All parking / running lights work as expected.

#4 When the left turn signal is set to flash I can hear the "flasher" working up there under the dash but no light flashing in the dash or the front turn signal. Rear signal light is flashing at this time.

Can't believe it is the flasher because the rear turn indicator works. I am thinking it has to be wiring but am I looking at one problem causing the front signal indicator AND the left turn dash indicator to both be inoperable OR is the two separate problems. Remember the rear turn signal light works.

Any ideas appreciated...Thx, Oman

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