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Re: Why Install LS Engine in Chevelle

Originally Posted by cheveslakr View Post
Total myth! While the LS stuff is fantastic, there's still plenty of appeal for the old small and big blocks. It's really about the tune, and there's still plenty hotrodders that can't tune a carb. We also tend to run large and many times, too large of a camshaft. I've got a couple old chevy engines here that pure, some that snarl. None have efi. The beauty of the old stuff, it's what was designed to be in the engine bay and it's literally plug and play if you make smart moves. If you can out think what chevy did, then do your homework and you should be fine. No easy answers here, but imo, guys that install LS engines usually brush over the obstacles for various reasons. Maybe because they didn't actually complete the work, maybe because they copied and pasted various ideas and don't fully understand what they did, whatever the reasons you very seldom find comprehensive tutorials of a LS install. How often have we heard "I'm going to LS that car", and the guy you're talking to is surrounded by unfinished projects?
My point....the LS is a great engine, but you have to address exhaust, cooling fans, wiring, transmission choices, sensors, driveshaft, oil pan, perches, etc before you go buy that LS core motor off craigslist. I see too many guys doing that process in reverse.
Thank you cheveslakr for the response.

Maybe I am confusing myself a bit. What I am more interested in is a smoother drive. For instance, power disc brakes, power steering, (I do not know whatelse is needed for a bit more comfortable drive).

I have driven a 350 engine about 14 years ago from a friend. I would not mind this type of engine again and yes I recall my freind struggling with carb issues.

So during my search of Chevelle, I do not mind a small/big block engine or LS, I just simply do not want to ignore small/big block engine with the mindset of "if I get this 350 engine, then the ride want be smooth".

I hope I make some sense

Get the simple thing right first.
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