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Re: Spark Plug Upgrade

So, making some statement that the spark travels from negative to positive was just idle misinformation. Flies in the face of polarity for ignition feeds into systems that are polarity sensitive, isn't it.

Kinda makes the polarity an issue with just how the travel into and out of the spark plug operates, doesn't it.

Then, why didn't YOU say so, Mr. Design Engineer. I am a full fledged Design Engineer as well, have been for over 40 years, but you woold have people not believe any of that, would you.

As far as indexing spark plugs, ABSOLUTELY YES, good to do, but, unless the heads were flow pattered wet flow, so you know exactly where the most optimum index spot in the fill area is, it is all for naught. Lets think about a flow path that is to one side of the bend of the electrode, with the electrode directly in the way of the maximum mixture path, that would be bad. Now, IF you could index the spark plug negative electrode so the open area on the plug was open to that maximum mixture path, that would be GREAT. Now, has anyone that information on mixture densities in the spark plug indexing area, done while the heads were WET FLOWED, or, are all those ports and mixture flow paths still secret, simply because the cylinder head porter guru never heard of, nor even cared to learn about wet flow, and just where that billion cfm's of mixture went, or, only dry flowed the ports, so he doesn't know anything more than utterly useless flow information??

We haven't even touched the surface yet, lots more to consider why it is done so incorrectly by people that just don't think about things, they only want to be a guru at what they know very little, to nothing of how it really works.

Ever watch patterns of fog movement in slow moving air, like while driving down a road, one can learn basic patterns and other significant things about wet flow of a liquid. Dry air, one learns nothing about how a liquid laden air flow, and patterns operate at all.

I'll leave it all at what it is, and what it isn't, I have other things to do on the world championship road race engine development work I do. Testing is very close on the horizon.
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