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Re: Spark Plug Upgrade

Originally Posted by Dave Ray View Post
" You are also invited to ask Dave if he and I have probably worked with the same individuals at one time or another." Who cares? NOBODY except troublemakers.

Now, as far as polarity on spark plug electrodes, please, OH KNOW IT ALL ELECTRICAL TECH, Why do some 4 cycle, twin, four and 6 cylinder motorcycle engines fire one spark plug positive to negative, the other with a piston at TDC at the same time, fire reversed, negative to positive????????

Well, two reasons, yet again. With two pistons at TDC at the same time, AND, ONE COIL PER TWO CYLINDERS, instead of the coil windings grounding on one if the coil ends, BOTH ends of the coil go to the two spark plugs. the pistons alternate between TDC firing and TDC overlap, back and forth, one piston on fire, the other on overlap, then, they reverse the phasing for the next cycle, and bvack, forth, back forth, BUT, both spark plugs fire at the same time. TDC on 1 power, fire to make power, SAME TDC on 2, overlap, next cycle, 1 overlap, 2 power firing.

Now, there is NO spark difference between the plugs, one fires positive to negative, the other negative to positive, to complete a TWO SIRE LEAD FROM ONE COIL. Motorcycles use and used this setup for decades, both point type, and electronic ignitions, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki and a lot of other brands.

Ok, here is where all of you are going to call me an idiot, apples to oranges, motorcycles are different than auto engine ignition systems, distributors, etc. OK, I'll go along with it, for now, but........

There is this. I not long ago, owned a Buick, Regal, 231 V6, DISTRIBUTORLESS IGNITION SYSTEM. Used a crank and cam sensor, three ignition modules in one pack, and THREE TWO LEAD IGNITION COILS, just like all them motorcycle ignitions do, did, still do. Seems those systems, and almost every other distributorless ignition system used some sort of dual wire ignition coil to fire two spark plugs off at the same time, one piston at TDC power, the other at TDC overlap, and reverse, and, reverse, etc. One spark plug per coil fired negative to positive, the other positive to negative EVERY full circle of engine rotation.

Those systems were not sequential, although they were distributorless, they did not fire each individual spark plug independently of the rest, they fired two at a time.

See, when you know about a system function, it becomes extremely simple, and those "morons" that explain it aren't so stupid, after all, and neither is anyone else that got the real info, and learned, they came out of it a lot smarter, and better for it. This is what we are attempting to do here, help everyone understand how it really works.

Got an old Honda CB750, Kawasaki KZ1000, Buick V6, go pull one of the spark plug wires off the outer cylinders, crank it over, did you get shocked, you should have, now, pull the other outside plug wire off, keep it away from ground, and check for spark again, report back here.

Have fun
A few things, Dave:

I'm a design engineer, not a Tech. Not an ego thing, just my job description.

Secondly, I'm very familiar with the Buick DIS ignition. I worked on that program for a few years. There's also a couple patents regarding that system with my name on it.

Thirdly, that ignition system controls a higher amount of energy in the coils, to provide sufficient and reliable arc energy in the two series wired plug gaps and the increased energy/voltage levels necessary to fire the three plugs that have the inefficient polarity configuration.
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