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Re: Brodix RRO 270, Comp Pro Magnum Geometry Issue

Originally Posted by 65cayne View Post
So that picture shows the contact at 90 degrees to the valve face with the valve closed... So now I can hear you saying "Well Kevin that is not the way to do it" and you are correct.

What I thought I was demonstrating was how far the rocker would cross the valve tip as it crosses mid-lift (90 degrees) when properly set up. I just realized that since the stud is canted towards the valve, when things are properly set up that will move the contact point sufficiently back and away from the hairy edge it sets on in my photo. If I can get my engine back soon I will set it up and measure properly.

However, what still concerns me is the number of threads I will be able to engage on the stud. Unless I am misunderstanding something, if I set the rocker at 90 degrees with the valve closed, then, when properly set up, I am only going to thread the rocker down the stud a distance equal to 1/2 valve lift (ideally). That doesn't seem like much engagement. Am I off track here?
Its not uncommon that you need longer rocker studs. ARP 135-7202 is maybe the stud you need. This post has massutements of several part nrs.

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