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Re: Help with new crate engine overheating

As compared to my daily, they felt really good actually. But all muscle, no power. I'll tell you, bringing it down from 118.75 ( the fastest I 've ever had the car) was a bit of a pucker factor with drums all round. ( even with fancy kevlar/metallic shoes) The new front discs help.

Tony, stopping from 108 last year at Dragway 42 was a sinch. In the 427's defense , its plugs were fouled from me forgetting to ungap them from non MSD use , for a year or so! I swapped them when I got back home and was shameful about it! Easy 30 hp. It should have clocked a 115-116.

BTW, the 118.75 was not with the tripower. As cool as it is, its worth -30-50 hp. well, 30 on the 427, and near 50 on one of Mark's 467s.

I'm geeking out in my middle age, thinking that running a Qjet is just cooler than even a tripower ( @583 hp , that is) . Yet, the builder made me PROMISE to race with the 850 DP on ( it went 118.75 with the 427) , so I'l bolt the big fat slob on there and make sure its running well before I track the car. I'll be bringing the Holley to race with at the Chevelle events, but cruising on the QJ. I'll suffer the 10 mpg ( maybe) to local tracks with the Holley on. I am hopeful we can get the same MPG that the 427 got with the 3X2 on.

But Mark checked NO VACUUM ADVANCE off on the build sheet! I'd like to have him and Dave Ray discuss! I do have the Crane adj unit in Dave's distrib dialed down to , I think, only 4 degrees of vac advance. But I'll heed Mark's advice, until the warranty is up.

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