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Re: BBC engine advice ?

"build a 468 or 496, that's all you need for street. Either one when properly built will put out more power than tires can handle.
I've had cars with 700+ HP before, and now that I'm restoring my Chevelle I decided (realized) that all I really need to have fun on the street is a reliable 500hp 468 and an Auto gear Muncie."

This is where I'm having a difficult time deciding what to do...What is "enough", "practical" and "driveable" for the street...
=> What's the driveability of a BBC 468/500 HP vs 540/700 HP vs 582/800 HP w/ good tires assuming it has been built for the STREET w/ proper cams, heads, carb, idle, etc ? Ex: I'm NOT talking about trying to drive a DRAG car on the street.

Thanks for the inputs !
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