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Re: Stan's mutt..changing gears, what would you do.

Thanks gentlemen...
I am little surprised and good with no one suggested changing to a 4 speed at least yet. Then I notice that I failed to mention in the first post that I have a 4 speed on the shelf I could use. .That might change some thoughts on this...and I really wanted to leave every option open for those that have contributed.
Don't get me wrong I'm fine with the auto...a 4 speed is just a pretty big change that could be done without too much problem since the new engine has to be installed in this imaginary car. I wish I could edit the first post to add the 4 speed option but don't see a way to do it.

As an older weakest area is roller camshaft choices. Back in the day, cams were pretty easy to choose (and why I chose the stock solid LS6 cam for this motor to begin with). I should have boned up on cams a little more since hindsight shows that it was not a great choice this day and age.

If anyone has a roller cam that would be a good choice for this scenario, automatic (or 4 speed), a/c would sure help clear the muddy water for me. I'm pretty sure I can make bad choices all day long,
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