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Re: personal pet peeve...

I don't know guys, I take a bit more of a pragmatic view in this case and others.

1.) Your neighbor is 75 years old and knows what he's doing: He's got years of life experience behind him and should be well versed on how to handle his own finances. Selling an asset to a stranger who has zero credit or relationship with him. Signing over the title without payment? (you didn't state he was paid cash at the second meeting). Allowed himself to be manipulated after an agreed to sell? Car is still not picked up? (Storage fee should be part of the deal and yes, Insurance?)

2.) With all due respect Tony: How do you know all of these insights to the deal? Where you present during the meetings? Why didn't you advise your neighbor regarding his own best interest?

3.) Who gives a flyin' rats keister what the lawful recipient does with his paid-for asset? He's the one with the problem regarding his own integrity, he's the one who has to live with that.

Why is anyone interested in what this guy does with his car, geez , what are we living in China now?

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