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Re: personal pet peeve...

That BS. I have nothing against flipping, just the dishonesty of some flippers. The deal was done, the new owner can do what he wishes, but at least take it away first, then put some work into it before placing it up for sale. Also, dont lie when negotiating.

Someone did that with my moms 24,000 mile 1984 Honda Accord. A guy knocked on the door asked if it was for sale, they said yes and agreed on a price, $2,000. When he came to pick it up he gave my mom a sob story about his wifes purse being stolen and asked if they would reduce the price to $1,200 because they were financially strapped. My mom said they could hold the car until he had the amount originally upon. When my dad came out with the paperwork, he turns to him, in front of my mom, and gives the same sob story. My dad knocks $200 off of the price. It was listed on eBay within a week, bidding reached $5,000+ within 24 hours. The ad was full of lies, including he was selling it for his grandmother that could no longer drive. He also never returned the blue California personalized license plates, which he said he would, they were of the zip code of where my mom was born. I still watch the sellers account on eBay, two to three times a year, he lists a 1970s-80s low mileage car, that was purchased new by a family member, but has either passed away or no longer drives. There is a silver lining, a few months ago the current owner of my moms Honda called from Atlanta to ask about the history of the car. It eventually found its way into the hands of someone who liked it as much as my mom did.

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