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Re: Switching to synthetic oil

No problems going to synthetic; most of the stuff on here and online are outdated wive's tales... If your engine is not burning oil, I'd go with a good synthetic and change it every 10K or more, or not "change it" at all...I can see some of you spitting up the drinks now...

I bought an 05 Suburban; 5.3 liter, 125K miles...Ran it for a while to make sure it didn't use, burn or leak; went through a qt every 5k miles which is nothing. I switched to synthetic and I change filter every 5-7K, add the oil to make up for the burned qt and the filter, and DO NOT drain the problems at 165K. This is a highway driver that gets HOT every time it's driven so not a bunch of condensation/water built up on 3 mile drives...

I'm still amazed so many are using 50 year outdated ideas about oil quality and change intervals...Even the Walmart "Super Tech" synthetic is very good stuff...

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