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Re: r134a numbers with stock Condenser & replacement POA

Ok, job it done ! After unhooking the vacuum, the low side sucked in a whole can (12 oz) of freon before I started the Chevelle. I was on the second can before I had to start the engine. On the start of the 4th can this is my readings, maybe 42 oz of freon. It was hot out - 95 to 100 deg. , in the garage, no real fan to speak of.

I ended up putting in 52 oz. of R134a. The low side ended up around 57 and the high side 245. I am not sure if I put in too much freon or not enough.

Regarding the air, the high fan is now double the volume. The right side passenger vent blows my girl friends hair back. She estimated double the volume of air. The air is also cold. It is hard to compare the vent temperatures to the previous system because the air volume is so much more. It was about 100 degrees out and we were running around at 57 from the center vent on "high" in city traffic. I did not have time to try the highway. "Normal" setting with cool outside air is now my favorite setting. Plenty of air volume and I get lots of outside air. The air temp still goes up about 4 degrees at idle but my idle is also set low - 850 rpm. I think I may crank up my idle with the air cond. "on" to 950 rpm to keep that compressor going. Overall, I am pretty happy. The cool double air volume really keeps me cool in the car.

Let me know what you guys think about my low side, high side numbers, and the amount of R134a I put in. Thanks.

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