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re: ZZ4 upgrades?

The distributor curve sucks. Mine was kinda lame out of the crate, but now I'm running a recurved (ZZ4) HEI, HOTcam, RPM intake, long tube headers, and a 650 holley DP and it pulls hard. Never had it to the track when it was in my Chevelle, but now that it's in my 4000# truck,(89 reg. cab short bed 4x4) it surprises a lot of "fast cars" on the road. It really liked a 750 DP, but mileage really suffered. I'm going to try a 750 AFB next. The HOTcam helped it pull harder in the upper RPM range and didn't give anything up down low. Slight lope, and great vacuum. There are a lot of better cams out there, same with heads, but I say work with what you got and start with recurving the distributor. There's quite a few discussions online about it.
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