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Re: When these cars were cheap and plentiful

Originally Posted by dream66 View Post
I relive those days on a regular basis when driving one of the 5 replicas of favorite cars that I had from 55 thru 72 and one one 64 original that I located and repurchased last year.

It's total insanity - the amount of time and money I've spent on these relics. I should have added air conditioning to everyone of them but so far only two have it. Hard to believe that we drove these things in south TX back then and thought nothing of the sweltering heat.
So true! I grew up in south Texas myself. My high school car was only 2 yrs old when I got it. A 1969 Chevelle SS 396 four speed car. It had a/c. I promptly took off that power robbing thing (so stupid of me) my Dad caught me doing it and said: "Why didn't you just take the belt off it?" (wish I'd thought of that)

Anyhow, we never heard the term "muscle car" back then, they were just our "hot rods". I miss those days, and have owned many a 'muscle car' if I had known what they would be worth some day, I would have kept them all.

Once, I bought a 55 Chevy 2 door post, Dad made me take it back because the engine was doctored with 90 weight to keep a knocking rod quiet. The car was in mint condition, candy apple red, and nice interior, paid 3OO bucks for it...oh well...LOL those truly were "the days"
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