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Re: r134a numbers with stock Condenser & replacement POA

Originally Posted by hjdca View Post
Hi Al, I saw one of posts from Aug. 3rd on oil capacity. If I understand your post correctly, this is what I should be looking at for proper oil in the newly rebuilt system.

New March P414 Compressor (Sanden 7176) - already comes pre-filled with 100 cc of pag oil. I cannot find the exact type of pag oil yet.

So, if I flush all the lines, then I should add an additional amount of pag oil (exact type TBC) for each additional component based your post from Aug. 3rd..

Parallel flow Condenser - 1 oz
Evaporator - 3 oz
Dryer - 1 oz
New r134a POA valve - 0 oz ??
New Expansion valve - 0 oz ??

I plan to just pour this oil into each component, button up the system, then move the clutch on the compressor clockwise twenty turns or so before I vacuum and charge. Do I have this right ? Do I need more oil for the new POA valve or expansion valve ? Thanks !
That is correct. Those numbers come from the Chassis Service Manual for 1970. I run a small amount of oil through the TXV and POA just to get them lubed up so they'll function when we start up the system. I'll let the excess fluid drain from these before install. In theory, this is not necessary because the oil will push through the system while you charge. But some old a/c guru taught me this, so I go with his experience. There should be no measurable quantity of oil left in these pieces.
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