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Re: When these cars were cheap and plentiful

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he gave me the keys to one that had an LS6 engine and told me to start it up. I can’t describe the exhilarating impression it made on me when I started that LS6 up and heard and felt it running
Speaking of LS6' 1970 one of my buddies (Howie) decided he wanted a new muscle car, either a Chevy or a Mopar, but NO Fords. He was driving a '64 Impala SS, 327/4 speed, at the time. We drove over to Clements Chevrolet in Mankato, MN when it was still located downtown, and walked inside. They had two LS6's, one black, one green, sitting on the showroom floor and a red one out on the lot as a demonstrator. All three had M22's in them. Salesman handed Howie the keys to the one outside and said "come back in half an hour". We tested that car for all it was worth. They wrote up a temporary Purchase Order for the black one on the floor. Howie told the salesman he also wanted to test-drive a new 440/6 Pak Road Runner before making a decision. So we went to a Plymouth dealer and tested an orange 440/6 Pak/automatic Road Runner. Howie ended up buying that one because it was $300 less than the LS6, and the Chevy salesman wouldn't budge off his price.

He later regretted his decision because the Runner was such a poorly-assembled car. Cheap interior, everything rattled, 440 burned oil from day 1. He actually went to several Chevy dealers after about 2 months to trade the Runner in on an LS6. None were available and it was too late in the year to order a new one.

To this day, that red LS6 is the only one I ever rode in. I should have bought that black one, but had just ordered a new '70 L78 Nova from another dealer.

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