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Re: r134a numbers with stock Condenser & replacement POA

That low pressure switch on the poa eliminator is what will control all the cycling of your compressor. That pdf shows how to set it. The high pressure switch that should be somewhere in the system will only cycle out if the pressures reach about 400psi on the high side. You should never see this pressure in a properly functioning system, but a poorly functioning condenser could push you up that high.

Are you still running the complete stock wiring system with just the addition of the poa low press switch?

Make sure to purge your gauges before hooking them up. Don't want to be forcing air in each time you hook up. Most of the better gauge sets will hold pressure in the lines. The yellow one will hold pressure if you close and keep the can tap connected. A mistake I've seen made is not closing the valve and removing the empty can, filling the yellow hose with air and not purging. Ends up
pushing a nice amount of air into the system.

We'll catch you tomorrow.
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