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Re: r134a numbers with stock Condenser & replacement POA

What's a replacement POA? A POA eliminator kit or a rebuilt POA? Do you know where the rebuilt POA valve pressure is set?

Do you have a positive shutoff for coolant to the heater core? I prefer a ball valve over the stock vac operated valve. If you can feel heat after the valve, it's flowing heat into the suitcase. The more heat you can keep out of the suitcase the better.

At 90 degrees ambient, you are looking for 250-270 psi on the high side. I'd probably shoot for 260. If you can charge to that and maintain your low side below 55psi, you should get some lower temps at the evap. Place a box fan in front of the radiator while charging and hold 1500rpm. A HD or severe duty fan clutch will move more air, it may help. I hope you are running a fan shroud. I know for a fact that a parallel flow condenser will get you better and more consistant cooling. But think you can still get more out of what you are currently running.

Your low side pressure is swinging high, so watch them as you charge. Make sure your TVX bulb is tight against the evap tube and well insulated with tar insulation tape.

If you have a temp gun, get a temp for the inlet line and outlet line from the condenser and evap. For the evap, measure temp from the the outlet of the TXV valve and outlet of the evap. Get the center vent temp and ambient temp too. Any time the ambient temp changes, I'll need to see gauge readings high and low.

I'm seeing some things I'm not liking. Your low side is running a little high. If you charge and it holds or drops and vent temps drop you should be ok. If it starts coming up, your POA or TXV valve may be releasing too much pressure. Is your POA valve frosting up?
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