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Re: When these cars were cheap and plentiful

You asked for it this is going to be long. I'm old enough that I was able to walk around different Dealers lots on Sunday mornings when these cars were brand new. I remember trying door handles to see if any of these cars were open just to get a chance to sit in them and dream about owning one. I even got the chance to open a few hoods and remember opening a hood to a ElCamino SS to find that "Midnight Auto Supply" had already removed the intake and everything that was connected above it. Some cars were even sitting on cement blocks with their rims and tires removed. I remember going to a Ford Dealer that had a Boss 302 and Boss 429 sitting right in front of the showroom. I opened both hoods of these cars and couldn't believe the engine compartment on the Boss 429 it was all motor. Back then I wanted to buy a brand new Road Runner as my first new car but that all changed when I got my first job at a company that was right across the street from the tech school I was going to. I remember sitting in the classroom staring out the window and seeing a few new 68 Chevelle SS's and one plane looking faded 57 Chevy going out around lunch time and pulling hole shots while waiting for the light to change. Well when I graduated I ended up getting a job as a Apprentice Toolmaker at that company that was across the street from my school. Funny thing about it that company made a lot of the fasteners and clips that were originally used in these cars. That's where all the different cars were coming from at lunch time. There were a bunch of gear heads already working there and I new I would fit right in. One of the guys that owned one of those Chevelles that I watched pulling hole shots at lunch took me out to look at his Chevelle and that's when I knew my first new car was going to be a Chevelle SS not a Road Runner. In 69 I had enough saved and went to the Chevy Dealer to place my order for a brand new 69 Chevelle SS. That car seemed to be jinxed from the start and after a year of ownership I ordered my second new car a 70 Nova SS. After 4 years and over 100k miles on that Nova I decided to order a Vega GT because of the gas crunch. It was a real nice looking car but one of the biggest pieces of $hit I ever owned. By this point the first High Performance Era was pretty much dead and if you still longed for those days you had to buy these cars used. I ended up buying a ratty looking 65 Corvette Convertible but got rid of that when I ordered a brand new 76 Corvette. It wasn't long after buying that that I traded it for a 67 Corvette Coupe that was the first car that cost me more than it was when it was brand new. Believe me I found it very hard to pay more for a car used than it was brand new. Sold that 67 after about 5 yrs and bought another 67 matching number Corvette Coupe. Years went by always had some sort of toy in the garage with a nice everyday driver for daily use. In 2001 I bought a new Ford Mustang Bullitt and remember taking it for a ride after work just to listen to the amazing sound of the factory exhaust. When the second High Performance Era started around 2005 I bought a new Mustang GT and traded that for a new 2009 Challenger R/T. The new cars were nice but just didn't have the appeal the old iron had. In 2012 my search was on and i finally found my current and last toy a 71 Malibu. So that's about 50 years of my life of cars but it was a hell of a good time.

71 Malibu, Cottonwood Green, 396 BBC, AutoGear M22W 4 speed, 12 bolt 3:55 posi.
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