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Re: When these cars were cheap and plentiful

Originally Posted by Chad1969 View Post
what it was like walking around a Chevy dealership in the 60's or early 70's.
"First showing of the new cars" back in 60's-70's was always in Autumn of the year. Buddies and I would take off on a Saturday morning and travel around to ALL the dealers (Chevy, Mopar, Ford) just to get a look at the new muscle sitting on the showroom floor. Bonus was the trade-ins sitting out on the lot. ALL kinds of 2-3 year old used, or left-over new, muscle cars could be bought for $2000-2500.

I took a day off work on a Thursday in Sept of '68 to "guard" my brand new '68 L79 Malibu as it was sitting on the showroom floor of Hinckley Chevrolet in Freeborn, MN. Very small dealership in a small town, and my new Malibu was the only muscle car they had for the first showing of the new '68s. I was not allowed to take it home until that Thursday night after the "first showing" was over and the dealership closed for the day. Very next day a buddy of mine went over to the same dealer and ordered a new '68 300 Chevelle 2-door sedan with L78 (396/375 hp) engine and all the go-fast goodies. He wasn't really experienced on how to order all the good stuff, so I went along and we filled out the order form together. He pretty much ordered that car the way I would have wanted it, except for colors, and that was fine with him......

Fun times and great memories......

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