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Re: 68 Chevelle convertible power top wiring

Originally Posted by VinceS427bb View Post
it has been awhile since i worked on mine.
the power for the top does not go thru the fuse box wiring.
was a separate 12awgfrom the horn relay bus;
going to a thermal relay on firewall attached near brake master cyl.
then it went thru a grommet into the interior directly to the top power switch.
the top power switch would switch polarity of power going to the top motor;
this allowed the top motor to run either up or down with only 2-wires,
IIRC these 2-wires wire extra; but went thru the plastic sheath to rear of interior under carpet...

is this a power top frame ??
i cannot recall if there were 2-versions of the frame..
but until i got my top motor working i disconnected the top cylinders from the top frame.
it was fairly easy to fold and lift the top frame
one person on each side made it even easier; watch for pinch area on fingers
Hi Vince, thank you and after you supplied this info I went out to M&H and priced out the 3 harnesses and circuit breaker that I need. No its not a power top frame but I think only the piston shoulder bolt is different. I can certainly be wrong. Man they really didn't think out the harnesses in the old days requiring additional power leads for almost any power accessory. Oh well. Thanks again
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