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Re: High Torque Mini Starter


I started this thread with my nightmare aftermarket starter issues some weeks ago. It was mentioned in a previous comment.

I was convinced by many on the forum to buy a remanned Delco/Remy PMGR starter. I did, and it solved all my issues.

This is starter I purchased through eBay:

Comes with a 1 year warranty.

The shims that come with this starter are for the staggered hole starters (BBC), so they are useless. You may need to purchase some straight hole shims, local parts stores will have them for a few bucks.

It comes with very poorly machined knurled bolts. I used ARP knurled bolts instead, they were nice and tight for location. Buy once, cry once:

The starter bolted right up to my 1st gen 350, cleared my long tube hookers, and engaged great with my 153T RAM flywheel.
Turns over PERFECT. Really quietly too!! And didn't require any shimming!!

I daily driver my 68 El Camino. 15k+ miles a year. Probably put about 400-500 starts on it since I purchased it in late June. Drove it a couple hundred miles in 108* weather the past couple weekends. Not one hiccup!

I will never purchase another aftermarket starter again! NEVER!

Thanks again to the great members here at for the help!
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