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I have had 3 car covers. 1) a “noah” from covercraft. Nice soft cover that was water repellent for the first year or so. Then it was like covering my car with a t shirt. All water repellent gone. Still would make a decent indoor cover now.
2) cali car cover superweave. Very light, water repellent cover. Probably used it for a year and was holding up well. (I have a garage now). I can fold and roll this cover up into a really small package. I carry it with me when going away for the weekend. Cali car cover is awesome to deal with too. They sent me one with some stitching that missed the mark. They let me use that cover while they made me a new one.
3) cover king monsoon. Cover keeps the car very dry, but is huge folded and rolled up. Not super portable, and its not really like. Fabric. Maybe somewhere between fabric and heavy paper. Didnt fit real well where the other 2 did. Cover king is less than awesome to work with. The first cover they sent me for the Monte Carlo looked like i parked under a tent, and it collapsed. It was so wrong for the car it wasnt funny. I had to send that one back, before they would make and ship me a new one. I ordered the first cover on halloween, and finally got one that sort of fits by Christmas. .
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