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Re: GearVendor's install on a 1970 Chevelle SS

As I am sitting here thinking more about it, I'm considering what my options are going to be for wiring. I know I'm going to run the green/red LED's to a location on the dash that is visible yet not annoying at night. I've heard the LED's are quite bright. I have an available toggle switch in my panel that I am going to use for the auto / manual change. So I think that will get rid of the black box that most mount under their dash for the auto/manual control and lights that go with it. I'll mount the smaller black controller box inside of the glove compartment.

For turning the OD on/off there is a dimmer switch included with the package that most mount on the floor next to their head light dimmer switch. What I'd really like to do is control OD on/off with the button that is on my shifter handle already, built into the B&M handle. This is a momentary switch, while I think the headlight dimmer style is continuous. I know a person can order a handle from GV to accomplish this which probably has the correct switch built in, but I kind of want to go down the rabbit hole of modifying my own to make it work.

I have too much time to think about this stuff.......the project will never be "done"

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