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Re: GearVendor's install on a 1970 Chevelle SS

Picture 11 is the bracing put up to support the transmission once the cross member has been removed. I really should spend the money on a trans jack, but this works for now.

12 is my hired muscle for the day! He stayed out there helping me the whole time. He's pretty convinced that when he turns 16 this car should be his. Maybe one day far, far in the future. Surely not when he's 16!

13 is with the cross member removed. Doing this with the exhaust on the car was really kind of a PITA. I may well remove those pipes when it goes back in if I can't remember how to snake it back in there.

14 is with the cross member gone and stock tail housing off. Nothing all that special there, but wanted a picture for reference.

15 is with the GV tail housing installed. This is where things got a tad bit tight. It seems like it fits on there well, and the bolt holes all line up, but the top two in the 10 and 2 o'clock position do not thread in all the way and the two casings do not come together. So it must be running into a very small clearance issue somewhere in there. Also, along with that, I get to deal with that exit hole where the shift cable and wires are at. No way I can leave them the way they are and get the main GV unit onto the back of this thing.

That is where we called it a day. It was starting to get hot out, and my help's attention was quickly fading. We only work on it while it's fun, once the fun fades we stop for the day.

So about the wire exit location. I am going to use an air hammer to give a little love to that tunnel this week in order to get those parts to meet together properly. While I am doing that I will pay special attention to that area to see if I can perhaps make enough clearance there to let those things come out and around the unit when it's up and in place. If not I may have to get crafty with where to go with them. Disconnecting those wires and re routing them would be a HUGE time sink right now. I'd have to pull the dash to get to the smaller connectors on the back of the 02 sensors to fish them back through. The big end on the exhaust side is too large to fit through the hole. Another option would be to make another hole farther to the left or right side, and then essentially cut a path between the holes to move the wires without disconnecting them. Not my favorite idea, but not horrible either. I really don't mind a little butchering of the floor pan here. This is no show car.
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