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Re: '66 Bucket seat track length question

Originally Posted by RealRed70 View Post
Is one track taller than the other? What is the center to center measurement of the bolt holes where the track mounts to the floor? Sounds to me like you may have NOVA seat tracks. Please post more pictures, with some of a side view. 1966 slides should have the front bolt holes notched out, not completely enclosed like the rear bolt holes would be. I do not think you have 1966 slides for an A body there. Black knobs on the lever did not come out until 1971. A 1966 usually uses a weird shaped chrome knob on the lever.
Thanks, will take some additional pictures. I know they aren't '66 seats, they came with latches to prevent them from moving forward. Thought they should be the same length, and appreciate your confirmation.
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