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GearVendor's install on a 1970 Chevelle SS

I started this thread over on as well, so if you are there too this may be a duplicate. But I thought you guys might like to see this as well.

I began this project yesterday, so I thought I'd start a thread to show progress on this one. I've found a lot of info out there on this install, but it's all very old. So I thought I'd do something more recent. Sorry for the long winded thread, but I like to dump all of the information from my head in a pretty verbose manner after I do the work so that there is more there for reference for others later.

I ordered my unit via their website July 19th. It showed up at my front door yesterday July 31st. So not a terrible turn around time. One thing I will mention is the interaction with the company that I've had so far. I called them on July 23rd just to verify that the order was received correctly and that they did not need any more information from me. The gal on the phone was very polite and said that she would have her web order guy call me. No call that day, so I call again the next day. She said she remembered me, and would tell the same web order guy to call me again. No call. I decided to be patient and not poke the bear. July 25th I received an email from UPS with a tracking number, but still no official followup from the web order guy. I get it, they are probably busy. That just has not ticked the "excellent" box in the customer service column for me yet. Maybe if I have issues during the actual installation and I have to contact them I will have a different experience. This is by no means me throwing them under the bus, just sharing my experience.

Anyways........I have the unit now. I've unpacked it and inventoried what was sent in the box. It appears to all be there. I'll attach the pictures that I have here.

1 is the box it all came in. 2 is the boxes inside of the box. I do have to say, I like the way it was all packed. It showed up in great shape from UPS, but even if they were not so nice to it I think it would have made it through it.

3 is the contents of one of the smaller boxes. New tail housing with the short speedo cable and some mounting hardware.

4 is the controller. This is different and new to me. It's made by MSD and appears to be years ahead of the old controller that GV themselves were providing. But that's just me judging from physical appearance. At the very least I like the fact that it's all one harness and a smaller more compact box, instead of using RCA and RJ-11 connectors like the old style box.

5 is just the new yoke that is provided with the unit.

There *should* be one more picture there, and probably the one that everyone wants to see! However, I had to cut my unpacking and photo taking time short. The wife was on her way home, and I was doing this inside on the kitchen table. It comes in a plastic bag anyway, because the unit is coated in transmission oil. So not much to see there anyway except a big chunk of metal.

I took the rest of the night to read through all of the documentation. You can tell this was all written very much by a bunch of gear heads. They need someone to review their documentation horribly. It's readable, but some of the formatting is so bad it makes it tough to read. Especially on the addendum pages they include for Chevelle's. But I manged to get through it.

One of the big questions that I had going into this was what type of fluid to use when filling the unit up. Their website states to use Fluid type GM#1052271 petroleum based or GM#12346190 synthetic. In the manual, it says for cars you can use regular Dexron ATF. For heavier motor homes and trucks, you use a heavier weight gear oil. In the end I will probably call them to confirm, but I'm leaning towards the recommendation in the install manual and going with the ATF.

Next on the agenda is to start disassembly of what I have now. It's a 70 Chevelle SS with a 454, TH400 transmission and a narrowed for 9" rear. Installing this unit hopefully should not change pinion angle, but I'm going to measure that before I tear anything apart. Also going to dimple the driveshaft for reassembly time so I make sure I get in there the way it came out.
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