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Re: ? For Holley Experts

Originally Posted by Reelysalty View Post
“For your question, 650 to 750 --- I just found this answered on the Summit site for 750 HP carb body - 134-300SA:“

The 134-300SA is a HP mid body replacement upgrade for 750. It deletes choke tower and adds adjustable air bleeds.

I put one on my 750, that’s how I have a stock 750 mid to put on my 650 DP.

I installed stock 750 mid on 650 and put back on my 396/365 (engine dyno). Had to jet up from 65/68 to 69/78, to cure new stumble. WHY ?

I might have picked up a little acceleration.

IMO Holley tech info is luck of the draw. There is a new to me tech, Anthony who has 2 answers for any ? Take your pick. “Read your plugs” and “Well, yes and no”

In the past, I’ve gotten great info from Holley
Looks like it is going to fit. It is easy to check if the holes and gaskets line up, so, you will know when you try to put it together.

Note: For me, I had to use the Idle-eze to fix my lean stumbles, so, I went from a 750 DP Choke body with a lean stumble, to a 750 HP Body with a lean stumble, to a 750 ultra XP body with Idle-eze that allowed me to fix my lean stumble. I changed a few 112-116 throttle plates along the way and I am using quick fuel DP adjustable metering blocks, stock chrome bowls. Bottom-line, the Idle-eze allows you to keep the throttles closed at idle and keep the mixture screws turned out while still keeping a lean idle. As soon, as you give it some throttle, there is plenty of gas to avoid a lean stumble.

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