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Re: Carburetor problem

Ok before I get totally slammed for this recommendation I need to make one thing clear. This is a very workable and low cost solution. Also my nickname a few years back was Carburetor Bill so bear with me. Rochesters love to strip out at the fuel inlet and when I was rebuilding carbs good spares were readily available and changing the main body was always my first choice to fix this problem. However if dollars really mattered and the customer couldn't afford that route or wanted to keep the carb # I would remove the filter and spring, coat the threads with Marinetex and lightly thread it back in. I would tell them to add a inline filter somewhere inconspicaple, This stuff can be tapped, is strong (10,000 PSI) is impervious to fuel and almost resistant to any chemical out there. Its great stuff and can fix almost anything and sticks to anything. Here is a thing a buddy of mine did up here with his 25 foot boat, he cracked a ring and scored his cylinder pretty bad but he had to get it running immediately. He filled the score and did a quick hone, put on a new ring and put it back together, The next season he took it apart to fix it correctly but the fill held so he said screw it and put the head back on. Ran it like that for two more years when he finally did a total rebuild. Sorry for the long post but its an interesting story, at least IMO.
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