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Re: Street Car RWHP/TQ

Basically on an automatic with a 12 bolt you will loose about 25% to the tire (some as high as 30%). For example the 1970 LS6 Chevelle was rated at 450 hp but that was with headers when GM rated it and the chassis dyno had the old inefficient cast iron manifolds so that hurt it more than normal the LS6 did 295 hp to the tire. They also did a 426 stock Hemi car and that did like 335 HP to the tire. I think if you put a motor on a dyno and then put in car and assuming you had headers in both tests 25% loss. With a stick 20% loss. My Chevelle does 545 HP to the tire and has 725 motor HP (25% loss) with turbo 400. Another guy I know had 690 hp on motor installed motor rolled it over to next bay and it did like 520 hp at the tire. The newer cars are more efficient like 15% loss to the tires. The TQ loss seems to be a little less percentagewise so if you lost like 25% on HP the tq maybe like 23%.
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