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Car likes to wander me on back halving

One of the things I need to fix about this vehicle yet this year is the tendency to just wander around on the road while driving. It happens in the 40+ mph range, anything lower it's either not happening or not noticable. There doesn't seem to be an upper limit. It's difficult to describe but it seems like the car will almost float about in the lane with no steering input. I have some ideas in my head, but wanted to get some input.

What I do know is that the previous owner did replace the bushings on the stock front sway bar, along with new tie rod end bushings. They may have been trying to fight this same problem. Beyond that, in the front, I believe everything is stock. A arm bushings seem to be OK just from looking at them.

The rear has been back halved. I have very little experience with this, and no knowledge of how it should be setup. I'll attach a picture here of what it looks like under there. Maybe there is where the issue is?

I've also considered maybe the steering box is just old and worn out. Maybe its time to replace that guy too. From what I've read Lee boxes used to be the best route to go with, but they maybe went out of business? I see their website is still up but the 670 box is no longer available.

I've not yet gotten it down to an alignment shop. Wondering if that might fix the issue all together. Or maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree there.

Anyway, just looking for some things to maybe even check on the current setup before I go throwing money at it. Sure buying new parts is fun but if I can fix what is there I probably should.
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