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Originally Posted by Dan65ss View Post
I think the main issue you are going to run into with this question is most people have only done their one vehicle with a single product. I am sure there are a few who have experience with a couple of the products and hopefully they will chime in.

If it is just going to be a street car, maybe just pick the cheapest one or easiest to install one as the gains from any of them might be enough.

I went with the ABC stuff, but haven't completed the car yet so I can't tell you how it is. But I was able to complete the whole install myself.
This is very true. Sure everyone is biased toward what they run. Just curious if anyone has looked at both designs of the hpi and speedtech and said one seems more structurally sound then the other. I'm in Canada so I guess I'm leaning towards the hpi kit but figured I'd post the question. There has to be some benefit to the tubing added and not just being boxed. You would hope.

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