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Hey Sevt. You really opened my eyes to reality! I got a 12in x 12in half inch thick plexiglass block from Amazon for twenty bucks. I cut it in inch and a quarter strips and started on my hood. Wow! I did not realize the difference between the flexing of the dura blocks and not flexing of the plexiglass. I have a couple questions when you did the guide coat with the Thousand grit did you wet or dry sand it? Also when I hit the clear I'm going to have to re-spray some clear. Can I just sand it with the 800 and then spray? Thank you by the way.

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Well, I say machine sanding will smooth the orange peel but but leave the panel wavy. You should only be machine sanding once you hit say 3000-4000 grit paper.

I also say, Durablocks are pure sh!t I'll repeat Durablocks are pure sh!t!

Go down to Home Depot buy some lexen plexiglass. Cut the lexen to various lengths, use that instead of Durablocks. I would also start with 600-800 grit. I also started using 3M or Mirka dry guide coat. Block the panel with 800 grit, dry it off, apply guide coat covering the entire panel. Now block with 1000 grit, this will TELL YOU when the 800 grit scratches are gone because the guide coat is gone.
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