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Re: Primer/Paint Recommendations

Originally Posted by sevt_chevelle View Post
Because NONE of those products are meant for bare metal application. They have NO corrosion resistance protection. They are meant to be applied on bare metal spots or breakthroughs not entire panels of nothing but bare metal.

Also, the vast majority of paint products IMO are geared towards collision repair. The name of the game is reducing the number of products a shop needs to buy and more importantly its all about speed.

Fun fact, some OEMs REQUIRE the use of epoxy on bare metal prior to applying body filler.
Maybe I'm too casual in my approach to prepping for paint, but when the pros at the supply shop tell me to use this, that, and this other stuff and they are all compatible and designed for and recommended for direct to metal use, I have to believe them since they supply all the professional body shops and if they are having problems the supplier would definitely know. Maybe there is the possibility that down the road there could be substrate issues, but I doubt I'll live long enough to be proven wrong.
Looking back at my projects over the years, I painted my 46 pickup 45 years ago using products that today can best be described as primitive, still looks great. Painted my 58 Belair 30 years ago with primitive prep supplies, still winning trophies. Same thing on my Chevelles and 5 or so other cars in the fleet, not one of them has a paint job newer that 10 years old and they all look just fine. Now that I'm doing a few new cars I'm trying to be as up to date on the new products and procedures as I possibly can, while reminding myself that stuff I did uninformed and in the dark 45 years ago hasn't failed yet.
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