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Re: Throttle return and Choke valve issue

1. You should have dual throttle return springs, as supplied by GM on all of these vehicles when new.
1b. I dislike having the throttle cable or throttle linkage pulling in the same direction as the return springs. The cable and the spring(s) both pull the throttle shaft to the rear--increasing the wear on the throttle shaft and throttle bushing area of the baseplate. "I" would find a way to attach the return springs as closely as possible to where the throttle cable connects. Then the throttle cable and the return spring act in opposition, reducing pressure on the throttle shaft.
1c. I'd be checking the entire throttle cable and gas pedal assembly. A frayed throttle cable can cause the throttle to stick,
1d. Last time I had a Holley that wouldn't idle consistently, I found that the throttle plate screws had come loose. The throttle blades were shifting. I was very lucky one didn't slide entirely out and get swallowed.

2. I have no idea why the choke arm would hit "structure" on the carb. Sure it isn't hitting the fast idle cam? The throttle has to open enough to get the fast idle screw to clear the fast idle cam, before the choke can close fully.

3. Why aren't you using vacuum advance? You're throwing away fuel economy and part-throttle response.

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