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Re: New Guy Nitrous ???

Originally Posted by Cper View Post
A lot of information there Steve thank you.
Car is 9.7 compression and I run it on 93 pump gas. I have ran some 113 race fuel thru it occasionally.
So you are making your fuel side jet size based solely on what you are reading from the plugs right?
So how due you know when to spot advancing the timing?
Assuming that I would retard the timing 5/6 degrees to start with using say a 125 jet and then start advancing it by 1 degree at a time , without blowing the thing up how do you know where to stop? LOL
I would definitely run race gas when on the nitrous. What do you have for a fuel system? Mechanical or electric pump? Adjustable regulator? Yes, adjust the fuel jet and timing by reading the plugs. It's a balance of fuel and timing. Most tunes from the manufacturers are very rich. What brand of kit do you have? I would pull at least 6 degrees or even 8 to be safe. Here is a good brief article on plug reading:

I went back and looked at my notes and my car ran 9.71 on a 150 shot. That was 63Nitrous and 47Fuel jet at 6PSI flowing and 24 degrees of timing. That's 12 retarded. You will want to get or borrow a tool to set your fuel pressure flowing through the fuel jet you will use.

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