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Re: Taking it to the track

Just made it home.

Great day at the track, Barometer had dropped and DA was around 8000ft

Breezed through tech and made a shake down pass (fresh build, wanted to make sure all was well). I messed up the burnout, not sure I even made smoke. Ran a 11.239 but car was very loose/felt like the front was floating on the big end. Got back to the pit and the toe was obviously towed out; didn't have my toe plates with me so I eyeballed it (shame on me) and headed back for another run. Better job warming the tires but still a bit short, front end still loose feeling but not as bad.

- 1.580 60ft
- 4.450 330ft
- 1/8th 6.85 @ 101.54

and drum roll please...

- 1/4 10.738 @ 126.86

And yes, I was grinning all the way home! Didn't want to risk another pass until I properly address the alignment so we headed out for some grub.

Mark brought his square body 1/2 ton, I'll let him elaborate but suffice to say that I never thought it would run that quick given the specs.
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