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Start with confirming you actually have full throttle. Sit in the car, floor the pedal and have someone else make sure the carb cannot go open more. This is a very common issue.
Then, be sure you have light enough advance springs that you have all your timing in by no less than 2500 rpm. If you don’t have vacuum advance, have it all in by 2000. Or just run the timing locked out. You should be running 36 degrees advance at a minimum.

Tire pressure with those tires should be in the range of 15. Start there.

What do you have for front and rear shocks? Double adjustable in the rear are best, and some single adjustable like the QA1 drag version in the front. Drag radials can be made to hook well but almost always need to be able to tune the shocks.

Do the same burnout procedure every time. The drag radials don’t need a huge smokey burnout. Usually spin them until you feel them start to grip, and you start to see smoke coming off them. Adjust one mirror so that you can see the tire. Then keep them spinning as you come out of the box, letting off quickly and hear the tire give a short squeal. Then neutral, rev the engine a couple times to clean it out, back in gear and idle up to the line.
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