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Re: got it running!

Originally Posted by MonteMan454 View Post
Hey guys, I actually didn't use a adapter; the carb and manifold both use the 4150 series flange. ( I need to change my stats )

I am using the thickest welding cable I could buy as a cabling, all the way to the starter

I have 3 grounds with the same cables size attached to the frame..2 from the engine and 1 to the frame..

-I would like to try a ground from the negative post of the battery to the starter at some point and see if it makes a difference.
-Perhaps 90 amp Ford style solenoid might be giving me some problems or the 150 amp cut off switch? I don't know if the lower amperage rating on these items might give me a voltage drop?

To start the engine I turn on the pump to fill the bowls and then turn it off..I then turn over the starter and hit the IGN..

I went to a battery store last night and learned a lot. If I wasn't looking into short term solutions I would get a Northstar AGM battery, they initially give a lot of cold cranking for a few seconds and then steady down to a lower level. This engine was using a Optima red top battery to start it before that uses the AGM technology. My 78DT we cell battery is probably damaged due to being worked below 10 volts..

A separate battery for the IGN system might be a good option as well, for now I will try the 2 battery method..
Originally Posted by lucifershammer View Post
I would try using larger battery cables before going to a 2nd battery. My $0.02 is that the second battery is just masking a voltage/amp drop problem.
He is correct! Welding cable is not good for 12volt as it has too much resistance, you really need to look at the link above I quoted and see the difference, 12 volt battery specific cable looses less amps and voltage over distance then welding cable, many a racer has chased voltage drop due to using welding cable instead of proper 12volt cables. Just FWIW.

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