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Re: Fuel system setup question.

Originally Posted by Calculated Risk View Post
Typically you go 100 micron before the pump and 40 micron or smaller after the pump.

-10 to the regulator won't cost much more and will ensure plenty of room to grow. -8 as a return from the bypass regulator is fine. But -8 to and from the regulator will work just as well.

-8 to the bowls is fine, really -6 is fine. The flow through a single .150 needle and seat is much smaller than the -6 line itself.
I agree with all of this. 10 doesn't cost much more than 8, but 8 would work on a street car. I ran #10 to the regulator and 8's to the carb though 6's will work there as well due to the small flow. My car made almost 1000 hp on that setup as well.


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